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TERESA MMXV - Sino nga ba ang tunay na Pilipino?

TERESA MMXV - Sino nga ba ang tunay na Pilipino?

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If you give up
because things are too hard
Will you truly be free
from the pain that tortured you?

— Rise - TVXQ (via 031226aktf)

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We 3 members are hearing the songs which we sang during the 5 members’ group days very often. Though it is our song, we cannot sing all of them, and I feel sad. I’m definitely going to practice, so that we can sing all of them.

Junsu - 140524 Xia The Best Ballad Concert ~~ Osaka

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DBSK + quotes  Jaejoong

It’s like being in a game of tug-of-war. Though it tires us out, I want to be strong and keep pulling till the end.” - Kim Junsu, The Story of 1000 Days

I’m proud of you.

— Kim Junsu to Park Yoochun (via chunprince)

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If you want to become a true artist, you need to find who you really are.

— Kim Junsu (via justjunsu)

Because I do not think of it as a bed scene, I did not bother about it. As for the kissing scene, Junsu is really good at kissing.

— Park Yoochun (MBN Star)

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I have said this a lot of times but it’s family. It’s still not changing. If expressed in a short word, it’s ‘step’. If we turned around to our footprints, the three of us are walking in the same direction. In the future, I think that we will still walk on the same direction.

Junsu in response to the question: What do you mean to each other? And while carrying out solo activities, what does it mean to you to be protecting JYJ’s name? [x] (via yjaey)